C’ SKY INTERNATIONAL is driven by the vision to become the best manufacturer and exporter of BAGS & BELTS that India has to offer. With a perfect balance of experienced leadership and youthful enterprise, C’ SKY has grown leaps and bounds since its incorporation and boasts of having customers in every part of the world.

Incorporated in 2004 and based in the national capital region of India, we lay a lot of emphasis and product innovation and design. Using established procedures, the raw materials are acquired from trusted and proven sources after carefully validating their quality standards. Superior fabrication and finishing of our products coupled with focus on constantly improving our work flow ensures churning out superior products in a quick turnaround time, thereby giving us an edge over our competitors.

At C’ SKY, we value our people and keep them motivated all the time so that they are as excited as us to achieve the highest level of commitment and bring out the best in them. Our production team is a perfect mix of well experienced managers, supervisors, quality tailors, artisans, hand craftsmen, techinicians and young quality control professionals.

We have our creative and design team in India and also have design consultants in Spain & France. The team of designers launch new collections every 2 months based on the international trends and inputs from our design consultants abroad.

The products we produce range from fabric and embellished bags, coin purses, clutches and also Leather Bags with fine details of weaving, studding, laser cutting, embossing and embroidery.

QUALITY is our priority. We have a 100% QA done at all levels of the production process. With state of the art infrastructure and most advanced machinery and a skilled team of quality professionals, we ensure a strict monitoring of the Quality levels.

We have a capacity of producing 100,000 units of Bags & Belts in a month and are willing to step it up as and when the need arises.

We are a fully compliant factory, socially audited by SEDEX and ICS. We have also been individually audited by several renowned brands like MONOPRIX, CORTEFIEL, ARCADIA & INDITEX.


With a state of the art infrastructure and factory area of more than 20,000 sq.feet, and under continuous governance of our principles of quality, technology and sustainability, C’ SKY has become a name the world wants to work with. We pride in continuously investing in high-end machinery and find innovative ways to improve the quality and lead time of our production processes.

  • Most modern cutting machines, clickers, layer cutting & strap cutting machines

  • Roller pressing & edge ironing & edge folding machines

  • Hydralic embossing machines

  • Rivetting and eyeletting machines

  • Specialized and automated stitching machines